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International Science Editing offers a comprehensive range of services for authors including English language editing, illustration and translation services.

illustration servicesEnglish Language Editing

We will handle the language editing and make sure that your paper is free of grammatical, spelling and other common errors, thus ensuring that your manuscript is written in correct scientific English before submission.
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Illustration Services

Our scientific and medical illustrators create superior quality, professional images for your research paper, book or presentation. Request a free quotation, giving details of requirements, and receive a reply with quotation and delivery date within 1 working. Click here (or) email us:

In-depth Editing

Our in-depth substantive editing service can significantly improve your paper in terms of clarity, structure, and style. This service also includes the fundamentals of editing such as improved grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. High Impact journals want to publish papers with novel research ideas and a clear ‘take-home’ message. International Science Editing’s  team of Ph.D. subject-matter experts can help re-write and structure your paper and offer helpful suggestions and advice for revisions, e.g. if more detailed information is necessary to back up your arguments, or if non-standard terminology is used. Perhaps some of your data would be better presented in a table or graph. Maybe your paper would benefit from a glossary of terms. Excessive wordiness can be eliminated, with subject-specific terms and units made consistent throughout to give your paper a succinct and professional finish. Using meaningful and logical headings, sensible paragraphs and sentence structures and improved language flow can give your paper maximum impact and enhance the likelihood of your paper being accepted for publication.


When you have decided to submit your paper to a target journal, International Science Editing can then tailor your paper to meet that journal’s specific requirements in terms of structure and format, word count, reference style, preferred units, spelling, artwork specifications etc. Reading and deciphering each journal’s detailed Instructions for Authors can be time-consuming and laborious for authors. We can check that your paper meets all of the journal’s requirements and advise you of any additional material you may need to include with your submission, e.g. declaration of conflicts of interest, ethics statement, signed copyright transfer form, etc. You may have prepared your paper using the Harvard reference style (using names and dates) whereas the journal might insist on Vancouver style (numbered), and we can change this for you. Many excellent papers can be rejected immediately by high-throughput journals if they do not follow the journal’s basic guidelines.